Why I started this blog

Let me start at the beginning.

Something is going on.

This thought has entered my mind repeatedly over the last couple of years.

Usually, it occurs when I’m looking at research about consumer trends. Consumer research is, essentially, the study of people. It provides a window into the minds of individuals and communities. Lately, it's been telling me that...


So, what is the something? Well, evidence suggests that a major change is taking place in the world, and it revolves around people. Evidence like:

 - The collapse of social, business and government institutions that were previously considered permanent.

 - The rise of a ‘shadow economy’ that now employs half the world’s workers (and will employ 75% of them in less than a decade).

-  The widespread rejection of long-standing belief systems and traditions.

Millennials. The first global generation in history.

Millennials. The first global generation in history.

But perhaps most important, a phenomenon is occurring that has never happened before in history. I’m talking about the Millennials (people currently under 34 years old), the biggest generation ever, who now make up over HALF of the world’s population! Their impact promises to be both exciting and profound, because, simply stated, this group is determined to improve the world. 


Thiago Olson. 17-year old student who built a nuclear device in his basement

Thiago Olson. 17-year old student who built a nuclear device in his basement

Even more fascinating, new research suggests that the most significant changes will be driven by a small subset of the Millennials, about 11 percent to be exact, because they possess particular qualities, such as an optimistic mindset, quick adaptability to new technologies, and a unique ability to problem-solve in ways that are both aspirational and practical. Plus, they have a natural ability to attract communities of supporters. That's how you get things done!

These people really want to discard institutions, beliefs and processes that are no longer relevant and create new ones that are better suited to the needs of society today. That may be why historians believe this moment in time will be as significant as the Renaissance and the Industrial Revolution! 

So, who are they, this 11 percent?  Where are they?  What is the preferred future they are envisioning?  What are they doing to make it a reality? 

Alia Sabur. 18-years old and the world's youngest college professor.

Alia Sabur. 18-years old and the world's youngest college professor.

That's the something, and it's what I’m going to explore in this blog.

I’m going to seek out these ambitious Millennials – wherever they are in the world – and engage them in conversations about the momentous universal experience that has begun and the role they are playing in driving it. 

In fact, I've already begun, and the initial conversations I've had with these emerging global leaders have been thrilling, and they have cemented my belief that while the effect of Millennials on society has been quietly taking root for a while, it is reaching a threshold where the impact will feel like turning on a light switch.

So, that's what I mean when I say that: 

Something is going on! 


I hope you’ll join me on this journey.